Sunday, October 31, 2010

A week on the 100 meter diet - Day 7

Breakfast: 2 slices of toast with red currant jam and a glass of goat milk.

Lunch: The last 2 muffins, a yogurt and a glass of goat milk.

I was busy outside working after breakfast and I didn't have any time to make a substantial lunch.

Dinner: Chicken and egg noodles with a tomato sauce.

In the afternoon I spent a few minutes making a simple tomato sauce and I added the remaining chicken. It hit the spot.

I threw all the chicken bones and scraps in a pot of water and made some chicken stock. I haven't had the time yet to turn it into a chicken noodle soup but I'm half way there.

So day 7 marks the end of the tour of my 100 meter diet. This diet can be repetitive at times but I do try to keep things interesting. I try to use my imagination as often as I can but usually my biggest issue is time .... I don't have enough of it.

Speaking of time ... I'm being pulled away to get messy and start carving some Halloween pumpkins with the kids.

Have a happy Halloween!

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