Thursday, October 14, 2010


One of our weekly family rituals is watching Survivor on Wednesday night. We enjoy the challenges and the struggles the players have to contend with in order to survive 39 days in the game. The show is a topic of discussion around our dinner table as well. We often talk about the game, the alliances and how we might do things differently.

Last night, the reward challenge was a cage containing three chickens. Two hens and one rooster. A very good reward indeed. The winning team took the cage back to their camp and quickly decided to eat one of the chickens for dinner. We all agreed that that was a reasonable decision because the rooster really doesn't have a role to play since there isn't enough time to hatch out any chicks during the show. After all, the game is called Survivor not Sustainability.

When the team selected the chicken to butcher we all started screaming "Stop! Not the hen! Somebody tell them they grabbed the hen!". Apparently nobody on the winning team could tell the difference between a rooster and a hen. We we're stunned.

As the kids got ready for bed the topic of discussion was "When do you think they'll figure out they ate the hen?". In the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter. They'll miss out on a few extra eggs between now and the end of the show but it won't have a significant impact on their diet. Someone will likely figure it out, and once they do, they'll regret having eaten the hen first.

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  1. We watch Survivor too , I was thinking the same thing the last week when he grabbed the hen. But I must admit before I decided to get our laying hens , I didn't realize hens could lay eggs without a rooster and I was raised on a farm sort of. My Grandparents farmed and we lived across the road from them on their property. The only thing I knew about chickens were they layed eggs and the roosters were mean (LOL). Glad I know now , I wouldn't have let them kill that hen , the rooster would have been roasting.

    ~ Survivor Blessings ~