Thursday, October 28, 2010

A week on the 100 meter diet - Day 4

Eggs, eggs and more eggs .....

Breakfast: A thick slice of French toast with maple syrup and a large glass of goat milk.

French toast is one of my favourite breakfast meals. It only takes a few minutes to make and it doesn't feel like you're eating eggs. Since I tend to eat a lot of eggs it can get a bit monotonous.

Take today for instance, you can plainly see it's mostly egg based foods. But if you hide the eggs in french toast and egg noodles you hardly notice it at all.

Lunch: Left overs from last night's meal (fried egg noodles with goat meat, potatoes and onions).

Dinner: Two fried eggs, sunny side up, with a piece of toast for dipping.

I made a nice rustic log cabin out of the toast strips ... just like I do when I make the kids their dip in eggs. It's a shame my computer 'ate' the picture.

My wife made these red currant muffins for me as a treat ... Mmmmm. She made them with soft spelt flour and I ate three for my night time snack, along with a slice of anglefood cake, a tall glass of milk and two yogurts.

I think she saved my day .... She always seems to know exactly when I need a little extra help :)

The yogurt maker is running again now, making more yogurt for the rest of the week.

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