Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A week on the 100 meter diet - Day 2

I started day 2 off with four goat milk pancakes topped with 100 meter maple syrup and a small glass of milk. The great thing about pancakes is that they freeze very well and they only take a minute or so in the microwave to warm up. A great time saver.

You may recall that I made 4 jars of maple syrup this past spring. I'm currently working through jar number 2 and I expect to have enough syrup to last me until the end of the diet. Making the syrup was a lot of effort but I'm glad I did.

For lunch I had some leftover bow tie egg noodles with tomato sauce. Normally I'll bring a little extra food for lunch but this serving was big enough all on it's own.

This is the last of my bow tie egg noodles. I made several batches a few months ago but I didn't really like them much. They take far to much time to make and they don't cook well in the middle. I've figured out that they taste much better the day after you cook them since they get a little more time to soften up.

Two more goat chops were on my dinner menu, as well as some butternut squash and some pickled zucchini. The pickled zucchini recipe turned out really nice and it adds a certain tangy sweetness to the meal.

For dessert I had more of my anglefood cake. I like to freeze the egg whites that I have left over from making egg noodles. Once I have 1.5 cups saved up .... Presto .... I have an anglefood cake! I love how that works out.

For my night time snack I finished the remaining crackers and two goat yogurts ... Mmmm.

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  1. Can you post the angel food recipe? tx bb