Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Heading Home

We wish we could take this beautiful view back to Ontario. Instead we have many pictures and memories of our time here to take with us.

My sister and her family have been incredible hosts and we thank them for inviting us in to their home for two weeks.

During our stay we had several good discussions about the 100 meter diet, this blog and where this next year might lead me. In the end who knows where this will go but I'm looking forward to getting underway and finding out.

To help me get started my sister taught me how to make whole wheat pita bread the other day. Once I got the hang of the correct technique I was able to make nice puffy pitas. I expect this recipe will get a lot of use over the next year.

We've heard that things are starting to get a bit crazy back on the farm. Some chickens have found a way in to the garden and Lucy the goat might have mastitis. We are anxious to get home and try to get things back in order.

Ontario has been under a warm spell while we've been away and many of the seeds I planted before we left have already sprouted. That's better than I could have hoped for since I was expecting that frost may have been an issue.

The diet starts on the other end of this travel day ... wish us luck!

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