Monday, May 24, 2010

Hiking in B.C

We've been in British Columbia for almost 1 week now and we've been having a great time. Nelson B.C. is a very laid back, down to earth community and we feel really at home here.

The view here is absolutely beautiful with mountains all around us.

Today my brother-in-law and I took a few of the kids on a hike up the road. It was likely a wee bit too ambitious but we did it anyway.

We hiked up the road from their house and headed 11 km's up in to the mountains. The walk was worth it because at the end of the road was this picturesque lake.

We hung out at the lake and had lunch and then explored around for about an hour or so until we had the energy to walk the 11 km's back home. On the way back home we stopped to pick some fiddleheads growing along side a mountain stream. We picked enough for a nice side dish for dinner.

I washed the fiddleheads and then boiled them in water for about 5 minutes. I then added a little butter and a splash of lemon juice. Everyone except for the youngest kids tried the fiddleheads. The rest went to the adults. They were enjoyable and an nice addition to a delicious meal.

I had looked for fiddleheads back home but I didn't find any so I'm happy we found some while on vacation. The hike, the beautiful lake and the fiddleheads will make for a nice memory for the kids. The adults too I'm sure.


  1. I'm happy to hear you guys are having a great time! How's the garden holding up? Anymore break-ins? Enjoy the rest of your trip and post more pics..I'm sure the scenery is absolutely amazing! bb

  2. There haven't been any more garden break-ins while we've been away. We've heard that there have been many goat escapes though. The 'goat sitters' are being kept busy but they tell us they are having a great time. Apparently the kids are getting pretty chubby and are eating a lot of grass and weeds. We won't even recognize them when we get back home.