Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ode to Lilly

I have to tell you something. The day before our trip out west we* took Lilly to the butcher. Her abscess flared up again and I had to remove her from the farm to protect the others from infection. Her meat is fine to eat ... I think.

* We meaning Barb. I've suggested to Barb that she start her own blog to chronicle life in this household through her eyes. I'd read it. Barb taking Lilly to the butcher has a story behind it. It involves Barb, Lilly and the school busdriver while Barb gets Lilly in the mini van. Ask her about it :)

So while we were away our farm sitters only needed to milk Lucy. Even with all that attention Lucy was happy to see us come home. She normally gives 3-4 cups of milk per milking. The night we got home she gave 8 cups. Unfortunately Lucy shows signs that she's picked up Lilly's virus. Not quite sure what I should do but I'll check out some options.

Anyway, back to Lilly. I have another confession to make. Lilly was on the menu tonight.
(I'm sorry you had to read it like that. It's best not to give a warning first. Just blurt it out.)

Barb made me Lilly burgers. They were excellent! Michael and Matthew even had a taste. It was bbq perfection. I had it with no toppings at all. Just with plain bread from last night. It felt like fine dinning.

To top it off. Barb's made me some rhubarb treats the past two nights. They are excellent as well.

Day two and things are looking good.


  1. Sounds like an excellent example of the circle of life. When I was a child, we kept two sheep... named Dinner and Supper (you can't make this stuff up!)

  2. You need to get your herd tested for CL and CAE. CL will cause those lesions and is highly contagious to other goats.