Sunday, June 20, 2010

All I could eat salad weekend

Barb's enjoying a nice cold beer right now while I'm having a peppermint leaf tea. I can't help wishing I knew how to make beer. This is going to be a long hot summer without beer.

It's been a beautiful weekend with plenty of sun and just the right amount of rain. I got some gardening done and some work done in the kitchen as well. To top it off I ate really well thanks to our neighbours.

Our neighbour's gave us a very large bag of fresh garden lettuce on Saturday. I wish my lettuce was even half as nice as their lettuce. Now I know I didn't grow this lettuce myself but I consider it worthy for my diet. It was grown with the same spirit that inspired my diet plus I could really use the roughage. I've had several bowls of salad with oil and vinegar dressing topped off with crumbled feta that I made last weekend. It was the perfect combination.


  1. I'm sure that salad tasted pretty darn good! I admire your determination...keep it up.

  2. Thanks for the note, Lisa. I've stuck with my diet 100%. The diet is working well and I'm feeling great. It's been an eye opening first three weeks. I'm loving it.