Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Two weeks ago, at the beginning of my diet, I wasn't so sure that I'd like the taste of goat milk all that much. I had fears that it would taste gamey and that store bought milk was somehow better. After all, store bought milk is all that I have known. But this is where the subtle beauty of this diet comes in ..... I have no choice but to acquire a taste for it if I want any variety in my diet.

So I started slowly by only drinking a glass every other day or so. I drank a lot of water the first week as a result. But after working hard outside it was easy to come in the house and down a large glass of goat milk in a few seconds. That's when I truly began to appreciate fresh goat milk. It's no longer goat milk to me. It's simply milk. Cold, delicious milk.

I can even detect subtle differences in the taste of Lucy's milk each day. I assume it depends on what type of plants she's been eating. I wonder if I'll ever get as good as Napoleon Dynamite as a milk tester? If Lucy breaks in to the garden again and eats all my onions I'll let you know if I can taste a change in her milk :) I hope that doesn't happen.

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