Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who let the roosters out?

Delilah did.

You can see her in the picture sunning herself on top of the barn. Doesn't she look proud of her accomplishment?

She learned to jump up on top of the chicken wire covering the chicken pens and then up on to the roof. She then taught her brother, Chocolate, how to do it too.

Playing on the roof wasn't enough for them though. They then proceeded to make holes in the chicken wire so they could drop down into the chicken pens to eat the chicken's food. Once they got in the pen they needed a way to get out so they broke through the fence to do it.

Now, these chicken pens were designed to keep the young roosters and hens separated from each other. As a result of all the holes in the fence we now have over a dozen amorous young roosters with free get out of jail cards running around the place. Not to mention the couple dozen hens trying to out run them. It's like spring break at Daytona Beach around here.

We are now forced to tear down all the fencing and rebuild it in such way that the goats can't destroy it again. No small task but it must be done .... and soon. The hens are already on an egg laying strike to protest the new living arrangements. I don't blame them.

On the other hand the rooters seem to be enjoying themselves ;)


  1. LOL, that sounds like a typical day here too. Goats are escape artists no doubt. Love your blog!