Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Easy peasy

Do you remember Anakin? Anakin's blog post. She started to lay eggs recently. It takes about 6 months before a new hen starts laying eggs and Anakin is right on schedule. You can see the difference in the size and colour of her eggs in the picture. Her eggs are slightly smaller and darker than the older hens. It's always nice to see a new chicken start laying ... that means more food for the diet!

Speaking of more food ... I harvested quite a bit of fresh veggies over the weekend. I made some more gazpacho soup as well as another jar of pickles for the winter. We cooked the remaining tomatoes down to make tomato sauce and combined the sauce with homemade mozzarella, ricotta, ground goat meat and large egg noodles to make a great tasting lasagna. It was a bit of effort but well worth it.

It's been two months since I've had any potato chips so I couldn't resist taking two medium size potatoes and deep frying them for a snack on Sunday night. Oh man were they good. I savoured every single chip. Next time I will have to whip up some kind of dip to go with them.

I am definitely in the "sweet spot" on this diet and I am enjoying the bounty while it lasts!

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