Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fall is approaching

This picture doesn't do the scene justice but this is how Lucy watches as we milk her. It always feels a bit awkward when she does this because I never know what she's thinking. It's like having someone watch over your shoulder while you're working .... it makes you worry that you might be doing something wrong. She eventually turns her attention back to her grain bucket but before she does we make eye contact and I get a chance to thank her for her milk.

I've noticed this week that it's usually dark out now when I milk Lucy at night. The days are definitely getting shorter and the evenings are getting cooler. That means fall is just around the corner. The bulk of my garden is starting to die back so I spent some time last night pulling the harvested corn stalks to make room for a fall vegetable planting. If I'm lucky I might get a second chance at some carrots and peas. My spring plantings didn't produce a single morsel and I would really like some for my winter chicken noodle soup recipe.

Since I planted my garden fairly early this spring all my crops are pretty much ready for harvest and over the weekend I hope to make room in the garden for an even bigger fall planting. I'll enjoy watching new seedlings emerge from the soil and I hope to extend the growing season as long as possible. Wow .... this summer is flying by quickly .... where did all the time go?

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