Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spring break is over!

Fifteen young roosters have had their day in the sun and are now in the freezer. I'd like to think that they enjoyed their brief stay with us. It has to be a much better life here than in some massive chicken farm where they never set foot outside.

I didn't have the time nor the desire to do 'the deed' myself so I took them to a local poultry processor who cleaned them up for me. The time spent loading the chickens in the van, making the 1.5 hour round trip to the butcher and then picking them up the next day is well worth $2.50 per bird. Butchering chickens is a smelly and messy job. I don't mind doing one myself from time to time but not 15.

The atmosphere in the barnyard is much more relaxed now that the roaming testosterone gang has departed. The hens can now forage without being constantly harassed.

I did keep one Barred Rock rooster just in case I want to hatch out some more chicks in the future. Before I set him free I took a few minutes to explain the rules to him ... 1) I'm in charge 2) Don't cause trouble and 3) No attacking people. Pretty simple. If he follows those rules we will get along famously for many years to come. If he doesn't ... he'll be joining his friends in the freezer.

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