Thursday, August 5, 2010

Goat soap making 101

Making goat soap is actually a very simple process once you have the supplies. Finding the supplies is the tricky part. You'll need:

2 cups fresh goat milk
2 cups coconut oil (or another oil substitute)
2 cups lard
1/4 cup lye crystals
1/4 cup water
Scented oil (lavender, rosemary, etc.)

I found an easy soap mould plan on the web but you can make a mould using a cardboard box and some wax paper.

Dissolve the lye in the 1/4 cup of water (stir well). The mixture will heat up significantly so please be careful and wear gloves and eye
protection. Next, in a stainless steel pot, simply heat and stir the goat milk, oil and lard together until it reaches about 120 F.

Transfer the pot to a sink partially full of ice water and very slowly add a small amount of lye. Keep stirring and add a little bit more lye every few minutes. The lye will react with the oil and lard which will create the rusty orange colour. At this point you can add your scented oil as well.

Continue to stir the mixture until you can see a trace pattern after you drizzle a spoon full of it on the surface - be patient.

Once you have the trace
pattern you can pour the liquid into your mould and set it aside to harden. After 24 hours remove the soap from the mould and cut them to the desired shape. Set the bars of soap away to cure for 6 weeks before using.

And there you have it ..... fresh goat milk soap.

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