Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of August Update

Let me start off by giving you a quick overall summary:

Current weight = 163 pounds.
Total weight loss = 33 pounds.
Well being = I feel fantastic.
Clothes = Need refitting.
Impact of diet on family = Turning slightly negative.

At the beginning of this journey my personal weight target was 166 pounds. I last saw 166 pounds when I graduated from university back in the early 1990's .... that's a long time ago. Back then I dieted and exercised my butt off to get down to a weight I felt good about. Now that I'm here again so quickly I find my focus isn't on losing weight any longer ... I am now focused on finding a weight I can maintain going forward. There isn't much more weight to lose. That's the good news.

The disappointing news is that this journey is knocking our family chemistry off balance. I realize now that I have embarked on a one person journey and I underestimated the impact this diet would have on the rest of the family. Essentially, the more time I spend in the kitchen means less time for Barb and the kids. Going forward I will have to try to balance my time more effectively so that we can spend more time together as a family.

One way we plan to spend more time together is by going to our local farmers market every weekend. Barb and the kids enjoy looking for local fruits and vegetables in the grocery store and they welcome the idea of the whole family making this a weekly event. The kids are really buying in to the new system and they are starting to ask questions about where the food on their plate comes from and why it is so important to eat local produce. The change is starting to take root ... that's exciting!


  1. I'm not sure that old camping jacket ever fit - but sounds like its time to pull it out!

  2. You will never hear me admit that that well loved, well worn, wide collared, pull over leather jacket didn't fit me - then or anytime. It kept me warm and dry on many a camping trip. If I ever got lost in the woods I am certain that I could have eaten it to survive due to all the food and beverages the leather had absorbed over the years. Many people, including you, probably wished I had eaten the jacket ... lol!

    When I cleaned out my old pickup truck last year I came across the jacket in a crumpled ball behind the seat. Unfortunately the leather had turned hard as a rock and with a tear in my eye I said goodbye to the jacket. Thanks for reminding me about it ... I do miss it and yes, if I still had it today I would be wearing it proudly ;)

  3. Congratulations on your success in losing weight. Now, its would be easy for you to maintain it cause you now have the discipline and self control to your eating habits.