Thursday, July 8, 2010

The story behind the name Peskychicken

Some of you may be wondering why I chose the name Peskychicken. Well, I'll tell you. When we got our first 3 laying hens back in 2005 they had the run of our entire property which included around the house. Those hens got into everything. They would dig up our flower gardens, roost in our garage, hang out on our back deck and run to pester any car that pulled in the driveway. They were truly pesky chickens.

I would carry Daniel, our youngest son, out to the barn to gather eggs. On the way I would say "Let's go see those pesky chickens." Well Daniel loved it when I said pesky chickens - it absolutely cracked him up! You know that full belly laugh that really little kids do - that's how he laughed. So it became part of our routine where every day I would ask him if he wanted to go see the pesky chickens.

As I fell further and further in to my chicken obsession I discovered the website and if I wanted to post online I needed a name. That's when the name Peskychicken was hatched. As a side note ... there is also a site called where I go to research and ask my goat related questions. On that site I'm known as Peskygoat :)

Even now when I think back and remember how Daniel would laugh at "pesky chickens" it makes me smile. To me Peskychicken is all about smiles and laughter ... I hope some of that spirit comes through in this blog.

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