Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Morning commute pondering ...

One thing I have noticed since starting my diet is that I am no longer tired when I first wake up. In the past I liked my morning coffee (or two) to help get me moving. Now, when I wake up, I feel fully rested and ready to go. Do I want to start drinking coffee again when my 100 meter diet ends? Which leads to the even bigger question of what aspects of the diet do I wish to continue and what aspects of my prior diet do I want to reintroduce?

I have a long time to think about these questions considering that I have 11 more months to go. But on my commute this morning I'm leaning towards staying away from coffee for good. I really like coffee and I still miss it very much but I have to admit that I feel so much better not having it in my diet. We all have things in our diet that we really like and that we consider a necessity but when you give up all of those things and start living from a new baseline you realize that you might be happier without them. That's how I feel about coffee.

It's something worth pondering .....

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