Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It isn't all roses

I'm feeling rather tired and grumbly these past few days. It's certainly not the ideal way to head into the Christmas weekend.

I brought this on myself by deciding to get up at 3 A.M. Tuesday morning to view the lunar eclipse on the winter solstice. I was hoping the event would enlighten me in some way but all it did was make me extremely tired because I didn't end up getting back to sleep that night.

I woke up Michael and Matthew at 3:30 A.M because I promised that I'd let them see the show for themselves. They thought it was extremely cool and they fell asleep quickly once I put them back in bed.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I'm feeling worn down on the winter solstice. It is after all the shortest day of the year. The days start getting longer from here on out ... that's the silver lining.

A few more decent nights of sleep will make a tremendous difference but until then I expect to remain grumpy and grumbly.

Just for the record ..... at this very moment I'm sick of goat milking, I'm tired of pickled 'anything', I don't want to see another slice of zucchini loaf and even the mention of chicken noodle soup makes me cringe.

On the bright side I'm in the perfect state of mind to truly appreciate the upcoming family Christmas feast. Bring it on!

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