Monday, December 13, 2010

Enjoying the season

Pond skating is what country living is all about .... there's nothing like it.

We've had a number of pretty cold days lately so we laced up the skates and got a head start on the pond rink this past Saturday. We heard a few cracks while shoveling but nothing that made us feel unsafe.

This week is suppose to remain unseasonably cold so we should get a lot more ice time in this week.

We've also been getting into the holiday season by doing some holiday crafts and putting up our Christmas decorations.

Barb made a lovely wreath the other day using cuttings from around the property. She tries to make one or two every year. They last a very long time and they always look beautiful.

Michael got into the spirit as well by making a colourful holiday mug as a craft while at a friends birthday party.

This will be his new hot chocolate mug that will get put into action after spending an hour or so skating on the pond.

He did a great job!

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