Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lots of small chores = lots of time

My regular chores are starting to pile up! This warm weather and timely rain has caused our lawn to grow like crazy these past few days. Unfortunately I ignored the fact that my lawn tractor had a flat tire all winter. Now, when I really need to cut the grass, I have to spend time fixing the flat tire. I should have seen this day coming.

We are also in the middle of having our driveway paved and I have to put up a basketball hoop before they return to lay the blacktop. No pressure. I have all the parts for that job. I hope.

On a positive note, I finished nailing up the cedar rails around the garden. Next steps: put chicken wire around the inside, build a gate and plant my garden! Easy, yeah right.

I've had the chickens and goats locked up for two days now so they won't dig up the potatoes Barb and I planted on Sunday. Barb said the livestock were very very loud today ... not happy about having spent two days in their pens. I'll have to get the fencing done sometime soon to keep them quiet.

I have exactly 2 weeks to get everything done. We get on a plane two weeks from today!

I can do this ... I think.


  1. nothing like a deadline to make you more productive!

  2. well I know what you'll be doing this weekend! Did you deal with the rooster yet?

  3. Barb, is that you? I can hear her saying those exact words - LOL. No, I haven't dealt with the rooster yet. That job never seems to get near the top of my to do list. In the past I've only dealt with roosters after they've attacked Daniel. With that in mind I'll see if I can't bump up this task on the to do list.