Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life Lesson

Barb's out tonight so I needed to milk the goats and feed the babies on my own. Michael and Matthew didn't want to go outside. It's raining out so I don't blame them.

When I'm on my own I like to feed the kids through the fence because I can rest the bottles on the fence wire and feed all three at once.

The kids also get protection from the older goats because they can fit through the split rail fence to get to the bottles. You can see Lucy's nose in the picture. She's trying to check out what's going on.

After I was done feeding I let Buddy out of his prison. He was locked up for the day because the blacktop was going on the driveway today. We didn't want him burning his feet on the hot asphalt so Barb locked him in the barn. Well Buddy quickly got busy doing his business as soon as I let him out. And then I remembered that Barb said Buddy ate a rabbit yesterday ... bones and all. Well, I could tell Buddy was taking a good long time doing his business so I decided to stick around to make sure everything was all right.

Then it hit me ..... I saw a dead rabbit on the road yesterday morning. I drove by it and thought "I hope Buddy doesn't find that". Well he found it. And this my my punnishment for not stopping and cleaning up that roadkill when I saw it.

I had to wait to make sure Buddy didn't run in to trouble while passing that rabbit. Let me tell you I learned my lesson. I will always stop to clean up roadkill from now on.

Enough said.

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  1. so he's moving up from frogs! I guess what you may save in dog food you may make up for with vet bills...hope not