Monday, May 17, 2010

The goats got my goat

We've been busy preparing for our trip out West so things have been hectic around here. We spent a lot of time planting in the garden over the weekend. We planted various seeds in the old garden and young seedings in the new garden. Unfortunately I didn't spend any time finishing the new garden gate. Rookie hobyfarmer mistake.

The goats broke though my shabby excuse for a gate and ate almost everything in the garden. They left me a couple of tomato plants and almost all of the zucchinis. I guess goats don't like zucchini seedlings.

I screamed. Really, I did. Loudly too.

My corn was doing very well and was about 2 inches high. Even worse .... I potted my herbs and had them in the garden getting some sun. They ate em too. I'm extremely disappointed.

Barb's going to pick up more plants tomorrow and the whole family will help plant them tomorrow night before bed. You can see my fortified garden gate in the picture above. I hope this will keep the goats out while we're away. My mother will have to spray the water hose over the fence to water the garden but so be it. That's the way it will have to be.

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  1. I have to admit I laughed at first but since we just planted our few little plants this past weekend, I can only imagine how frustrated you must have felt! It was only a matter of time that the little guys would have figured a way into your garden! Have a great trip out west!! BB