Monday, May 10, 2010

Catching up

What a difference it makes when everyone pitches in to help! Barb picked up the parts needed to fix the lawn tractor and Michael cut the grass.

Daniel and I spent Saturday morning finishing the new garden fence. So far no goats or chickens have figured out a way to get inside the garden. I'm sure later in the summer they'll have more incentive and will try a little harder. I've only planted my potatoes and some seedling corn. It's a start.

I would be posting more updates on my blog if it wasn't for our crappy rural internet connection. We use a wireless modem and it doesn't seem to like the leaves on the trees. I suspect that the leaves may be blocking the signal from the cell tower. The result is a very bad internet connection. It can take several hours just to check email - very frustrating. All our neighbours are in the same boat. We need someone to build a few more cell towers in the area ... hopefully soon!

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