Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Working Together

This past weekend was very productive. I moved a large amount of well aged compost to the new garden. The chickens pitched in to help spread the compost around. Of course they were looking for bugs and small seedlings but I appreciated the help none the less. During moments like these it really feels like we're all working together towards a common goal.

I gave Barb the weekend off and I milked the goats so I could work on my milking skills. I have improved considerably and I can now get 10+ cups in just under 30 minutes. Not bad at all.

Barb reminded me of something that I didn't get done this weekend. We have a very mean and nasty Americana rooster that I promised to "deal with" about a month ago. He is still around and Barb won't collect eggs from his hens until he's gone. It's a very time consuming and messy process but it has to be done. He's simply not a nice rooster. Michael is the only one in the family that isn't afraid to go near him. I know what I'll be doing this Sunday.


  1. better deal with the rooster before mom's in charge of collecting eggs!

    good luck getting all of your chores done before you come out here - bad timing for your garden set up...

  2. He should be gone this weekend. For sure he'll be gone before the trip.

    The garden is 50% fenced in ... one more day on the weekend should do it.