Thursday, April 29, 2010

Toronto Bylaw Review

A Picture of Flowers by Michael
I heard yesterday on the news that Toronto city counsillors are considering lifting the ban on having backyard chickens. They would start with a trial run, in a few wards, for a few years. That's good news and I hope it works out.

When we first moved to the country people suggested we get some chickens. Initially we thought it was a crazy idea but look at us now. We are now convinced that having backyard chickens is very important to our health, the environment and our community.

Very few people would dispute the fact that fresh eggs are healthier for you and raising chickens in your backyard is more humane than the industrial chicken factories that currently feed our cities. Almost all our kitchen scraps are fed to the chickens and we compost their droppings to complete the recycling process. We offer our extra eggs up for sale to our neighbours and we welcome the opportunity to connect and chat when they stop by to get some.

Raising chickens, even only a few, is a great opportunity to teach children many important life lessons. Lessons about sustainable living, their connection to the food chain and how they must respect and protect the environment and the food they eat. The world we live in was created by those that came before us and I believe that somewhere along the line things went off track. Allowing and encouraging backyard chickens in our cities isn't going to change our world significantly today but it will have a significant impact on our children. It's very important that we teach these lessons to our children. I hope that Toronto gives it a try. {Peskychicken steps off his soap box and heads out to milk the goats ...}

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  1. Nelson is going through the same process. I know one person at least who had chickens "illegally" in the city with no complaints. We are not within city limits so could have chickens - I don't envision it but I never say never!