Thursday, September 30, 2010

End of September Update

September was a very busy month, both at work and at home. A couple of late nights at the office, combined with an earlier sunset meant that I really didn't have time to do much that was 'blog worthy'. On top of that, the kids are back in school and we have homework to do in the evenings. Finding time to live the 100 meter diet is a struggle at the best of times but finding the time to blog about it is even more of a challenge.

So far I've completed four months on the 100 meter diet and I know that the best times are behind me for awhile. I can see the cold, dark months of winter just around the corner and I'm starting to grow anxious about how long my food stores will last. I know that my supply of onions and potatoes won't see me through to spring and Lucy's milk production is starting to drop off as well. As of this week we are down to milking her only once a day ... that really scares me.

This weekend I plan to take an inventory of the food I have available so I can do some extended meal planning. Going through that planning process may ease my worries ... I hope!

During September I made a concerted effort the take in more calories in an attempt to stabilize my weight. It seems to be having an impact because I only lost 5 pounds this month. I'm now down to 158 pounds. If I can hold this weight and start rebuilding some muscle mass I'll be a happy camper.

Now when am I going to find time to start exercising?

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