Sunday, May 1, 2011

End of April Update

April has ended and I head back to world of the employed tomorrow morning. I've enjoyed being home for the past month ... who wouldn't?

It was a particularly cold and wet month but that didn't stop me from getting a lot of chores done around the homestead. I've had the time to get a good head start on spring and my garden is in pretty good shape ... thanks to the pigs and some extra help from Michael and Matthew.

My weight slipped slightly and I'm now down to 158 pounds ... likely due to all the extra physical activity.

I've been spoiled by all the extra time that I've had to prepare my meals and I'll have to get back into the routine of preparing my meals ahead of time again. My food supplies are certainly dwindling but I have enough to see me through the end of May.

I'll be cooking my last frozen chicken today but I have a rooster in the barnyard that I've had my eye on. May might not be a great month for him.

The green onions, spinach and lettuce in my cold frames are growing slowly but they will benefit from some warmer days in May.

For the first time in my life I'm happy to see the dandelions start growing in the yard. Baby dandelion leaves with a simple oil and vinegar dressing makes for a great light salad after a long cold winter without fresh greens.

I doubt that there are many people out there that are looking forward to spring more than I am.

Bring it on!

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