Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yearning for fresh goat milk ...

It's been just over 3 weeks since I stopped milking Lucy and I'm missing her fresh goat milk very much.

Instead of counting down the days until the end of my 100 meter diet, I find that I'm looking out slightly further and counting down the days until I have fresh milk again. That's a clear indication that I'm not ready to end the diet.

I figure that Lucy will kid sometime between the last week of March to the third week of April. If I follow the same weaning schedule as last year that will put fresh milk in my glass by the end of June, at the latest.

Funny, I started this diet on June 2, 2010 without knowing if I would even like goat milk and now I find it a struggle to survive without it.

If I carefully ration the milk that I have in the freezer I can make it last until June ... just barely. But that means that I only have enough to make 6 jars of yogurt or a small batch of cheese each week.

Why, oh why, didn't I freeze more milk while I had the chance?! Live and learn.

I suppose these learnings are part of the journey and I'll get better at maintaining my food supplies as I go. But for now I'll continue to yearn for fresh goat milk while I patiently watch Lucy's belly grow. I know it's worth the wait.


  1. Ah yes.. why didn't i freeze more!?!? The same question I've been asking myself. Once you've had fresh raw milk, you just can't love store milk again. But why wait til their weaned? Go ahead and give them goaties the squeeze (once a day) after about a week! Milk production is "on demand" so there will be plenty for all. After about a week or so we will pen up the babies at night and then milk in the morning for the house (but not all the way out so the babies have some). Our momma's will automatically make more and it will entice the kids to start nibbling at the hay.

    Hey - maybe I should run right out and check.. I might have babies!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. These are the things that teach us the best lessons. From now on, you'll know. Lucy is looking healthy! This is my first visit. If I have time later, I'll come back and read.

  3. popped over from down-to-earth. impressed that you thought to freeze milk in the first place. intriguing...look forward to viewing your site. Thx!

  4. I will have to try goat milk now. We are blessed to have many farms around us, so we have many options here in West Michigan. Oh and we also can purchase the best goats milk soap ever!

    I followed your link from down to earth. Nice to meet you!



  5. One of these days I must try goat milk.
    Have tried the cheese but never the milk.

  6. Arriving via Down To Earth, one of my future plans when we buy our farm is to have a herd of goats, for milk, cheese & meat, this is my first visit to your blog, I'll be back many times to read up!

    Cheers, Mel.

  7. I always wanted a goat or two and chickens, but alas, I live in town. We can have chickens but the goat would be a stretch.

  8. Hi everyone - Thanks for dropping by ... I hope you stop in again sometime to 'check in on me'.

    There is nothing better than enjoying a tall glass of fresh goat milk .... especially when it's from a goat you know on a first name basis :)