Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A family effort on Family Day

This past weekend was the Family Day long weekend in Ontario. Since we didn't have any plans for the holiday Monday I asked the family if they would spend the day making food with me.

I get much more done when I have a few extra helping hands but the biggest help is just having company in the kitchen. Everyone pitched in and kept me moving.

Our goal was to fill our kitchen table with food and we met that goal with a lot of hard work. It was a long day!

Some of the food was made a day or two earlier but the bulk of it was made yesterday.

Here's a complete list of what's on the table:

3 loaves of bread
A pot of chicken noodle soup
2 angel food cakes
A batch of red currant muffins
3 batches of egg noodles
A batch of goat milk pancakes
Alfalfa sprouts
6 jars of goat milk yogurt
2 mini meat loaves
One roasted butternut squash
2 zucchini loaves
35 goat meat raviolis (with dandelions, chives and tomatoes)

Amazingly the kitchen wasn't a total disaster at the end of the day.

The kids were great helpers ... cutting, kneading and cleaning whenever I needed them. It was truly a family effort and it was the perfect way to spend Family Day!


  1. love, LOVE this concept of filling the table in a day (or 2). What a sense of accomplishment you all must have had. well done!

  2. Our oldest son, Michael, was proud to tell his teacher all about his accomplishment today. He's going to take a picture in tomorrow to show her. Most of the kids said they watched movies or played video games for the holiday. Our kids did some of that two but it was a small part of their day.

    For me I truly appreciate the help and the support. If I don't cook ... I eat eggs. So there is a tremendous incentive for me to cook. ;)

  3. This is truly heart warming! What a wonderful way to celebrate family and spend time together! Matt and I were busy in the kitchen this morning and remarked that is really is such a treat to have company while you work!